Branding for the National Muscle Disease Bio-databank (NMDB)

May 24, 2023
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The National Muscle Disease Bio-databank (NMDB) (HREC 90530) was established in 2022 to facilitate research into genetic muscle diseases.

The NMDB housed at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute stores data, blood test and skin biopsy samples from children across Australia with genetic muscle diseases.

This project needed a branding identity to be used across their letters, presentations, websites, presentations and patient information sheets. So, how did we decide on this with a group of scientists and clinicians from multiple organisations across the country?

•The imagery used within Australia, is skeletal muscle under a microscope;
•Australia itself, represents the national network;
•The colour blue is often used in healthcare because it is calming. The light blue is rather neutral so ties in with other colours well (which is great for social branding); and
•The logo result is clean and professional.