Our team has over ten years’ experience in events and delivering medical education

At Medical Sphere, we tailor, plan and deliver events for the medical industry including:


Working in the field, Emily saw the importance of fundraising to support vital research, purchase medical equipment and other hospital infrastucture. It also gives impacted patients and families a platform to share their important story.

Organising fundraising events is time-consuming and they often do not lead to good return on investment. Additionally, for those who do not work in healthcare how to navigate the system and decide where best to direct the money raised is often difficult.

At Medical Sphere, we manage fundraising events from start to finish for healthcare organisations, registered charities and corporates. We work with you at every step to ensure your event is tailored and a strategy is implemented to optimise what is raised for your chosen cause.

Benefits of Hosting Events

Based on our experience, we know that events are one of the best ways to engage your referrers, assist with ensuring a streamlined referral process and continuity of patient care. We also know that our managed events build your team’s cohesion and knowledge in an informal and relaxed setting…. and also have a little fun along the way.