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We are a Marketing & Communications Agency who specialise in healthcare

Medical Sphere was founded by Ms. Emily Galea, a Registered Nurse, with a strong background in medical research and education. 

Emily’s final Master’s thesis examined how communication between General Practitioners (GPs) and Spine Surgeons impact patient outcomes for lumbar radiculopathy. Emily identified a need to support education and communication between healthcare providers to achieve continuity of care and the best possible patient outcome. Additionally, the importance of using online platforms to communicate medical information to patients and families. 

In 2022, she started Medical Sphere. We are made up of a clinical and creative team who create content for the healthcare industry that promotes and communicates their important work. 

In this rapidly evolving digital world, our goal is to ensure content used across your online platforms educates, informs and captures the what, how and why. Further to this, we want to create content that tells a story and is easily accessible to your target audience(s) which will improve workflow and practice growth. 

Who we help

we work with:

What We Do


– Photography including portraits, actions shots, event and product photography

– Videography, cinematography and drone footage

– Medical animations 

– Copywriting

– Websites 

– Branding and Graphic Design 

– Referrer Engagement including email marketing 

– Social Media management 



Our newsletters include news, offerings and effective tips on marketing and communications to grow your healthcare business.