Instagram “Grid” Planning

June 11, 2024
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First impressions count, and your Instagram “grid” is the first thing people judge you by on social media platform.

Some tips that we think are helpful in grid planning:  

  • Your “grid” should visually represent your brand and make it easy for people to navigate your content. Think of it as if someone is visiting the account for the first time. They don’t know you/your brand/your work and they don’t read your bio straight away- how you do want to be represented?
  • We use a planning app to determine the aesthetic layout of the grid. 
  • Instagram has a feature which shows you what the next post will look- we often use this.
  • Planning your content in advance ensures that consistent branding is maintained.  This means using your brand colours, logo, fonts, and sizes across all your social media platforms to enable a strong link to you.
    • For us, grid planning also helps plan, organise, and develop future content.   
    • For those who are unable to plan out their grid weeks in advance, a helpful formula is to break up busy posts with simpler ones.

For our grid and our client’s, we favour authentic content that accurately portrays an important message, over a perfectly curated feed.

Grid planning can be time-consuming if you do not have the right skill, tools, and a strategy (or Social Media Manager/team). Reach out if you have any questions or would like assistance with planning your content and grid. Email: