Our Methodology

We collaborate closely with you at every step of the journey


Discovery Session

During a discovery session, Medical Sphere gain an understanding of you and required task(s). For example, if you are a surgeon starting off in private practice (and huge congratulations) you may require a website.

We use a customised questioning process designed to get to know you, patients and their needs, operations, difficulties in practice and other important information. Gaining this high-level understanding ensures a personalised and tailored approach.

After a discovery session, we provide you with a bid proposal. Both parties then agree on scope of work, cost and timeframe.


Planning & Strategy

We then design a personalised strategy and document it.

This strategy could be a year or a short-term campaign. It is important in this phase to determine review times to ensure we are meet deadlines, re-assess components of the strategy if needed and that you are reaching your goal.



This is the exciting part- the strategy is implemented and we see your project take shape!


Review & Verify

Once implementation is complete, we move to review and verification. This cross-check is done to ensure that all tasks have been completed on time and successfully.

Review is conducted at regular intervals throughout the project.

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