Referrer Engagement

Referrer Engagement

Medical Sphere work with you to build a winning team. In healthcare, to achieve the best possible patient outcome a team must:

During a patient’s healthcare journey, they will require collaboration among a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and administrative staff. They usually have many consultations with different clinicians and sometimes from different organisations- public, private or both.

It takes time and consistency to build a strong professional and inter-personal rapport with your colleagues. Questions for your consideration. How do you establish smooth coordination of patient care among the other clinicians involved? How do you build and maintain effective communication and teamwork with existing referrers? You may hold an educational event that highlights your area of expertise, emails introducing yourself and meet-and-greets. You may consider implementing software solutions to consolidate patient information such as your treatment plan to the referring doctor.

At Medical Sphere, we work with clinicians to engage new and existing referrers. We work for you to tailor an approach to build your referrer base, develop or improve teamwork and effective communication.

How Medical Sphere engage your referrers:

Focused Data Analytics

At Medical Sphere, we optimise the referral workflow process by applying data analytics. This allows us to strengthen your collegial ties and develop greater confidence in the referrer sending their patients to a practice or hospital.

The understanding of contextual nuances of how collaborative ties in referrers and specialists emerge and evolve has not been widely researched. We know that there are a variety of reasons why the referrer chooses a particular specialist such as previous experience with them, word-of-mouth, patient preference and/or medical skill based on online information.

Emily’s final Master’s paper examined communication between General Practitioners (GPs) and Spine Surgeons impact health outcomes. Her work led to the implementation of a standardised guidelines and an online referral process to a public clinic. Emily saw a need to support education and communication between healthcare providers to achieve continuity of care. She feels like working with specialists on their referrer engagement is the butter to her bread!

Let us help you engage new and existing referrers.