What is ‘Trending Audio’ and why should you care?

July 17, 2023
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Trending audio is used to boost engagement on Instagram. The TikTok app determines what audio is trending and this changes about every fortnight.

Instagram (IG) is trying to compete with TikTok. This platform’s fast-paced videos and dancing trends is responsible for which songs become trending on IG.

Please note, TikTok is not a platform that Medical Sphere use.

If the audio is trending it is indicated by an arrow next to the audio name. If you click this you can see where the sound comes from, how many and what reels have used it. If you use trending audio, you are more likely to show up to a wider audience which increases views and activates your IG algorithm to push content further.

The key is to use relevant audio for your content and how we decide what audio to use at Medical Sphere, depends: 

  • It could be based on lyrics.
  • If it is a ‘fun’ video, we may use a song that is upbeat.
  • If producing an educational video, we often use soft background music without lyrics.
  • Use a song that our clients like for their content.  

However, there is a quite a bit to it for example, matching beats to when clips change. Songs that we have thought will go perfectly don’t quite fit so, we go back to the drawing board!

Personally, I always pick song that I like over what is trending (which my “Socials Girls” tell me not to do!) This is because if the purpose of content is to reach a wide and large audience (such as promoting an event), use trending audio will push this post further.

FUN FACT: I wanted to use ‘Start Me Up’ by the Rolling Stones (used in the Windows 95 Launch, see: for my introductory reels when I launched Medical Sphere early this year but used ‘New Sensation’ by INXS instead.

✉️ If you need a hand with trending audio, get in contact today

Author: Ms Emily Galea (Registered Nurse and Founding Director at Medical Sphere)